Meteogram - WordPress Plugin

To insert meteogram write shorcode to article:

title - Block heading
type  - daily - 10 days forecast
      - inline - current weather
      - at-side - current weather at closest event location
lat   - place latitude for weather data
lon   - place longitude for weather data
detail - detailed forecast page
maxwidth - Max width of all plugin block
link  - url to be navigated on mouse click
linktitle - mouse over title if link present

[meteogram title='Kotlina Terezín' type='daily' maxwidth='480px' detail='' lat=50.514767 lon=14.142117]

event page

[meteogram title='#_LOCATIONNAME' type='daily' maxwidth='480px' detail='#_LATT{Place}' lat=#_LOCATIONLATITUDE lon=#_LOCATIONLONGITUDE]

[meteogram type='inline' lat=50.206891145765006 lon=14.656061569611058 link='/meteo' linktitle='Meteo']

[meteogram type='at-side']